The people at Pick it Up are ones that offer support, push me to get stronger, challenge me to work harder, and make me want to keep coming back. There is never an easy workout because I am always pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday.
Carmen A.
I actually am happiest about how I physically feel, but that wasn't in the list. I love being able to pick up things easier and my knee doesn't hurt like it used to. My main goal is to lose weight, I still have at least 35lbs to go, but I didn't realize how strong I would get.
Sarah W
For the first time in my life, I actually dared to believe that I could learn to do a pushup or a handstand.
Ingrid D.
I can see differences in the mirror, but I also feel different. I have more strength and stamina. I love the atmosphere of being in a group of people who don't judge where you are at in your fitness level, but encourage to achieve more.
Denise G.
My goal is to lose weight, it's great to have context from before and after.
Rex I
I am happier when I've worked out. I have more energy and I feel great about myself.
Angie M
The coaches know my strengths and weaknesses better than I do — they continually push me to be better
Frank S
I love the variety and functionality of the workouts. I comradery in the classes are great. Matt and Hannah are great.
Corey t
I rode 123 miles on the bike and ran the Ragnar. Crossfit definitely helped me achieve those goals!
Not only am I stronger now that I was when I started, I have also learned a lot about myself and how much I can accomplish when I push myself . I love how encouraging everyone is , super friendly and they really listen and help you a achieve your goals. Love Pick it up !!!
Cristina B
I’ve gotten stronger than I ever imagined. I’ve met some of the most amazing people.
Sara B
I love the way our coaches run this place
Jonathan C.
Coaches are careful about our physical safety. Coaches have the ability to put together workouts that build upon a purpose that I could never begin to do.
Marcia s
I’ve noticed a change not only in my body and strength development but I feel healthier, more energized and happier in general. I love the comeraderie and support from members and the coaches who continue to motivate and support me especially when I’m struggling.
Brooke H.

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